At Hana & George, we make traditional lampshades. All of our lampshades are all wrapped, gathered, stitched, lined and finished by hand. We can make them using new, vintage or antique fabrics and we enjoy the process of manipulating the fabric to fit the skeleton frame of the shade. It is always a joy once completed, to see our work lit up when in use. This is when the fabric and our skill comes to light!

After we began making our shades, we embarked upon the journey of giving them something to 'perch' upon and this was when our unique, ceramic lamp bases began to take shape. Each one is hand built, fired, glazed and fired again in our own kiln and the glaze and electrical flex are picked to compliment the vintage or antique fabric that it is teamed with. The shade, ceramic base and flex, are pieces of art and each detail that joins them is carefully considered. Each piece is a total ray of sunshine!

Bespoke Lampshade
Bespoke Lamp
Handmade Lamp